About Caren Lola

Caren Lola is a ready-to-wear fashion brand that was created by a Lebanese fashion designer Caren Barbour in 2015.

Born in 1989, raised by her grandmother named Lola who was a woman reputed for her elegance and beauty, in the Beirut of the 1960s, Caren spends most of her time in her grandmother’s closets full of luxury accessories and ball gowns. In the Lebanese villa, she dives into the trunks where pearls mingle with rare fabrics.
In 2007 she integrates ESMOD fashion school, and starts confectioning her first hand-embroidered hats made out of beads that she will be selling by word of mouth in her family circle.
In 2011, though continuing to live her passion, she reinforces her experience in entrepreneurship by achieving a master in business and by working at L’Oreal for two years as a product manager for a luxury brand.
In 2015, she decides to create her ready-to-wear fashion brand and name it Caren Lola.

Caren Lola continually seeks to extend the boundaries of creativity. 
It starts with original materials (home furnishing fabrics, Plexiglas, mirror, beads…) revealed in handmade designs. Whether purses, hats or shirts, they play on colors contrasts to reveal the originality of the shapes. 

So far, Caren Lola’s creations are distributed in 15 different countries located between Africa, Europe, USA and the Arab world.